Ricky Melton

Often times the road opener for Artie Lange & AS SEEN ON TMZ (Long story involving Screech from Saved by the Bell drinking his bodily fluids, seriously, look it up)…

Ricky Melton started his stand up career with a bang, taking first place in the Funny Stop Comedy Club’s amateur contest within his first few months of performing. His unabashed look at working class life thrilled audiences, and he was quickly in demand. Ricky expertly skirted the line of good taste while skewering common conventions with ease, but the club system did not allow him to shine, and fate had more in store for him.

Ricky currently produces “Win 2 Lo$e: A Dirty Game Show”, best described as Jackass meets The Price is Right. Northeast Ohio audiences have howled in delight watching their peers perform feats of humiliation in exchange for cash. His innovative format translates to any audience, anywhere. Ricky has created a space where audiences not only get the hilarity of the game show, but also experience a professional stand-up comedy show prior to the riotous events.

In addition to the game show, Ricky also hosts the instantly popular "Alt Right Libtards" podcast & produces the “Comedy Karaoke” podcast, a reverent snapshot of classic comedy acts being performed by fans and fellow professionals. This show has exposed a new generation of comedy fans to the greats while showcasing the acting chops of the performers.

Although he produces “A Dirty Game Show”, Ricky’s heart shines through his words, and he doesn’t dabble in the obscene. Ricky is a skilled wordsmith and producer and will continue to leave audiences begging for more for years to come.